Remy Louis Picard, known commonly as just Picard, is a retired French-born Brazillian footballer who played mainly as a CF/ST. He is the son of former Brazilian midfielder Bernard.

Having been born in France, he spent his early career at his father's former club Montpellier but failed to prove his eligibility for the senior team. After a few transfers around France, he was signed by La Paris where he established himself as a key goalscorer for several years. He is well remembered for his prolific aerial ability, scoring several headed goals, as well as his impressive ability to dictate the tempo in the final third, increasing the opportunities of scoring goals. Picard never managed to replicate this fame for his national team of Brazil, often performing average at best. Several critics have highlighted his lack of previous playing experience in Brazil as a key factor of this.

Montpellier (1992-1996) Edit

At 16 years old, Picard enrolled in Montpellier's youth system by the wishes of his father Bernard. Despite his family reputation he was reportedly mediocre at training sessions and as a result spent an extended year at the Montpellier youth facilities before being offered a preliminary contract. He was part of the Youth Team that won the 1995 Ligue Jeune yet he only played in 9 games and never managed to score. After a substellar youth career, it was agreed in June 1996 that the player would be offered to Montpellier's partner club Stade Reinnes as part of a free transfer.

Stade Reinnes (1996-2000) Edit

Emergence (1996-1998) Edit

Upon signing for Josh Brunn's Ligue 2 side, Picard was given the 23 shirt. The 1996-1997 season was an impressive one for the club, where Picard played mostly as a supporting CF giving frequently good performances to boost Les Reinnes' chances of promotion into Ligue 1 although their squad was fairly young. This fell through in the Ligue 1 playoffs however, where despite scoring a goal Picard's side failed to grasp promotion. The following season saw Picard as a first team regular, as Stade Reinnes paid Montpellier for the player's full rights and ownerships. Retaining the 23 shirt that was given to him, Picard became a key accessory to the 1997-1998 Montpellier side that won the Garland Trophy following a landslide Ligue 2 campaign that skyrocketed them into Ligue 1. Picard managed to form a good striking partnership with Frenchman Diodore Giban, with his 11 assists gifting his teammate with the 98' Ligue 2 Golden Boot.

Key Stade Player (1998-2000) Edit

1998-1999 was a year to forget for Stade Reinnes, as several key players were bought up by larger clubs, almost fatally depleting the team of the core that had promoted it. Picard opted to stay despite alleged contract offers from former club Montpellier. Although a battle for relegation at first, Picard finally reached goalscoring form at Ligue 1 level scoring several times to put his team at mid-table. It was near the end of this season that saw the player receive the first of several long-term injuries which would rule him out for the end of the season and the start of the next one. The end of the season saw Stade Reinnes and Picard at their best, and this attracted serious attention from around the world, further facilitated by the fact Stade Reinnes wouldn't be able to pay his wages much longer. In the end a deal was agreed with La Paris, ultimately because they were the highest ranking French club that made an offer and Picard felt a change in scenery would affect his playing style.

La Paris (2000-2009) Edit

Debut (2000-2002) Edit

Picard was inducted on 1st August 2000 and already had to expect competition for his place in the starting team. Academy prodigy Maunier Morhange and current stars Vinuth and Troyluca Castiaglous were also off the back of good seasons and expecting a decent amount of time playing at the club. For his first season, Picard was degraded to French Cup matches but managed to impress enough to deserve occasional call ups to the starting 11. He spent most of his second season as a regular rotation player who would often have periods of good play and bad play. After his achievement as top scorer in the French Cup 2001 and top assister in the French Cup 2002, as well as the departure of Castiaglous, Picard had clearly built enough of a case to be called up to the first team by new manager Andre Aurnexte.

Golden Years (2002-2006) Edit

The 2002-2003 season saw La Paris win the Ligue 1 for the first time in 20 years, and this was hugely down to Picard and Vinuth's lethal combination where Picard would net 10 times. This, lamentably, would also be the season where he would suffer his second long-term injury, this time a hamstring problem, that ruled him out for most of the 2003-2004 season. He returned for the last 8 games and scored in every one of them to win La Paris Ultimate League promotion. The next two seasons saw Picard in his best form ever, partnering up with Morhange as a support striker to secure the league twice in 2 years. He had reached his pinnacle, making the Ligue 1 TOTY twice, the Ligue 1 Golden Boot winner in 2005-2006 and the Worldwide TOTY once in 2004-2005. By this time the striker had already become the highest scoring player in the history of La Paris, beating Beamount LeSalle's total of 103 goals.

Injury Problems and Retirement (2006-2009) Edit

Returning from a disappointing world cup, the 30 year old was again injured in pre-season training which would rule him out for the 2006-2007 season. Upon his return in 2008, he could not do enough to enter La Paris into Ultimate League contention. He was briefly injured for the start of the 2008-2009 season, but regularly featured in La Paris' Super League campaign where the club finished second. He received a MOTM honour in the final, which would be his last game with the club. After stating he was playing too cautiously to avoid injury and falling out of love with the game, he retired in 2009 as La Paris' all time highest goalscorer. Maunier Morhange stated he was "devastated to lose a good player, but also a good friend". He was inducted as a coach, and began training immediately after his retirement with a slot open for him at La Paris.

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