Tony Ulisses Ewerton da Vanta, more commonly known as Tonu, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a LW for Milan and can also play as a CF.

One of the few products of the Besiktas youth system, Tonu's emergence came as a surprise to many as he surged his way into the Brazilian national team using his creative ability mixed with his agile yet aggressive approaches off the ball. A move to Abey Athletic saw him truly develop into a star support attacker where he won several trophies and assumed the role of vice captain for several seasons.

Besiktas (2002 - 2006) Edit

Rising Prodigy (2002 - 2004) Edit

Tonu was scouted to Brazil from Besiktas Turkiye after showing impressive form at their youth levels. He was employed as a CF for the team at only 16 in the 2002-2003 season but still managed to hold his ground at his new position. Starting the 2003-2004 season, pairing assists with rough dicey play he managed to become the youngest player to make the Liga Brasil Assist chart with 9 assists in 30 games played for the club. It was clear at this point he was becoming a prodigy, however clubs were off put signing him owning to both his aggressive behaviour and the risk behind the fact he played for a low level club. He was not selected for the Brazil U-18 South American Cup squad as manager Josel felt his form was too inconsistent to be considered reliable enough for national level.

Dip In Form (2004-2006) Edit

He played a below average season for Besiktas following his breakthrough opportunity, rounding off the 2004-2005 season with only 6 assists in 28 games played in total. At this time journalism circulated that the player would be leaving the club for Italy, which was later proved to be untrue. The next season saw him play averagely, contributing further to scoring than assisting. It was at this time he put in a formal transfer request, as he was frustrated by his club's lack of vision and the poor investment of money, but also for his overlook in the 2006 World Cup.

Rangers (2006 - 2007) Edit

Michael Dons paid Besiktas' £3million release clause to bring the player to compete with local rivals Man Rovers. He was given the number 8 shirt and a first team place, with many criticizing the manager's decision to take such a huge risk. Fortunately it paid off, with Tonu seeing his best season yet without injury or suspension. Netting 10 times and assisting 6, he was named the Rangers POTY as well as the League One TOTY CF. Although initially expected to sign a contract extension, Rangers sold the player to Abey Athletic for £9 million after insistent bids by Jonathan Waters.

Abey Athletic (2007 - 2013) Edit

Poor Conduct (2007-2008) Edit

Upon his purchase, Jonathan Waters mentioned his long-term admiration of the Brazilian forward stating he had "watched him since his Besiktas days". The 21 year old was at first played as a LW rotating with more prominent player such as Danu and Liam Cottswald. He was given a disciplinary hearing after a streetfight in Abey that left him missing the rest of the season. Jonathan Waters kept confident in his ability, however, and sold several wingers to play Tonu in his natural position of CF. Despite his conduct, an above average season otherwise saw him called up the Brazil squad for the first time ever as a LW.

Abey Legacy (2008-2011) Edit

The 2008-2009 season saw Tonu net 9 goals and assist an impressive 20. The deadly partnership between young striker Abel Crouchy and he became the stuff of wonders as they headed towards the first ever Premier League title. Tonu was named a League One TOTY CF. He followed this up with another incredible title-winning season, notably scoring hat tricks against Porto Lanco and Tyneside to bring Abey's goal difference beyond that of Man Rovers'. Together he and Abel Crouchy scored 35 goals combined, which lead to an improved contract being offered to the player. Many commented on his ability to link midfield player to the key striker in an instant, using the midfield talents of players like Djennison and Platt along with attacking back Karl Sneiver to push the ball from wide to central. He was also on average the second best player on the pitch that year, beaten only by Abel Crouchy. The 2009-2010 season saw the team compete both in the League One and the Ultimate League competitively. He and Crouchy managed to keep their side in contention for the league, however it was snatched away by Abey's poor defensive line. Despite this he still managed a decent amount of assists and kept the partnership with Abel Crouchy alive. Abey's journey to the Ultimate League semi-final saw defeat at the hands of eventual winners El Grande FCB at a penalty shoot out, where Tonu managed to convert his penalty successfully. At the end of this season, Tonu was named vice captain for the following 2010-2011 season for his efforts towards the club and appearing in over 100 competitive games. The season was a tough title race between Man Rovers, Winchester City and Abey Athletic and although Tonu lifted the English Cup with his team, Abey's crumbling team morale meant the club failed to win the league that season. They were also knocked out in the Quarter Finals of the Ultimate League that year by Bayern, where Tonu scored a goal in the 3-1 defeat away. The club's financial problems came into question that year, and soon players began to depart such as Abel Crouchy, Abdi Antediluvian, Sanchez Gomez and Joe Bales. Despite this, Tonu opted to stay with the club as he wished to stay with manager Jonathan Walters for the duration of his managerial career.

Loss Of Key Players (2011-2012) Edit

The 2011-2012 season saw a weakened Abey Athletic fall from their previous heights. Although Tonu and Djennison formed a decent partnership that lead to goals, the rest of the team failed to follow suit. Striker Pele Olufenwe failed to adapt to Tonu's game until late in the season, when the two scored 9 goals combined in the last 5 games to salvage enough points for Super League games next season. Despite this Abey managed the semi-finals of the Ultimate League after memorably knocking out El Grande FCB on two legs. The team then were knocked out by Olympique. Jonathan Walters retired after this season, and Tonu admitted he was unsure of his future at the club any more but he was more inclined to stay. Abey's desire for a striker lead to new manager Keith Jones to swap Tonu for Franck Milo in a loan-exchange deal with San Milano.

San Milano (2012-2013) Edit

Tonu moved to San Milano in 2012-2013 season and played predominantly as a LW/RW when needed as backup. A temporary injury towards Deriyah meant Tonu played more than intended and managed to put forward a good account of himself. He scored 6 goals altogether during this spell. After a pleasing introduction to the team, San Milano manager Jan Azzuri confirmed that he wanted the player to be part of San Milano's future. With Keith Jones also accepting, Tonu officially completed his move to San Milano at the end of the 2012-2013 season. He left Abey Athletic making over 150 appearances for the club and scoring 60 goals. He also left as the club's second most assisting player in their history, creating 84 chances in his career. He admitted the move was emotionally draining as he considered himself an Abey Athletic player forever and hoped he could return one day.

San Milano (2013 - ) Edit

The purchase of Rosealdo in the same season meant Tonu spent the majority of the 2013-2014 season on the bench. He assisted 5 times in 5 games during San Milano's run to the final in the Italian Coppa. He was sent off in his last game against Naples.

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